MAP: Manage Assignments and Projects

Savannah was given a long-term assignment to provide a report on a historical figure.  She had to determine who she would like to present her report on and then conduct research, which may involve using online tools such as Google Scholar for information, visiting the school or local library, and/or interviewing others.  She had to analyze and synthesize the information and decide what her end product would be—an oral report, a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, a written report, or some other way of presenting the material.  Savannah had to keep track of all of these tasks so that her report was done on time.  Finally, she had to present her report to the class and listen to feedback from her teacher and classmates.

If you are picturing a middle or high school student in your mind, guess again.  Savannah was a kindergarten student, and she successfully completed the report.  When it comes to long-term or multiple-step projects, students of any age can be successful when using a proactive strategy that assists them in planning and organizing projects and assignments to ensure timely completion.  MAP, which stands for Manage Assignments and Projects, can help a kindergarten student complete a report on a historical figure, support a six-grader on a science fair project, and assist a college student with assignments for four classes that he needs to organize and turn in. 

Use the MAP Graphic Organizer to teach the steps for using MAP:

Teachers may introduce the process by displaying the MAP graphic organizer as a poster and providing an individual copy for each student.   Choose a class assignment that lasts several days to model the MAP steps. A short video, How to do Project Mapping for School Projects, illustrates how the strategy is implemented.

As student become proficient in using the process, they can use it independently with the MAP Strategy Card so that they are in control of their work by planning and organizing their tasks and time, thereby allowing them to function successfully at school.  MAP can also be used as a tool to manage assignments and projects in the home and at work!     

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