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FLIPP the Switch: Strengthen Executive Function Skills is a user-friendly resource for parents and educators with 25 evidence-based strategies that can be used to strengthen EF skills.

FLIPP the Switch 2.0: Mastering Executive Function Skills From School to Adult Life for Students with Autism links evidence-based practices in the field of autism with effective schools research and executive function skills. Readers will learn specific strategies for helping students with EF deficits to become more successful in choosing and using strategies to improve their EF skills.

Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with over 40 well-known professionals and individuals with ASD. This book has wisdom, humor, and a hefty dose of reality for autistic and non-autistic readers.

Meet the FLIPP the Switch Team

Sheri Wilkins, PHD

Dr. Sheri has worked in the field of education for over 30 years at the preschool, elementary, high school, and university levels. She has dedicated her professional career to serving students with disabilities and building the capacity of educators to better serve this unique population. After one of her children sustained a mild traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2010, Sheri had first-hand experience in the power of environmental modifications and metacognitive strategies in supporting people who struggle with executive functions. It was this personal experience that led her to focus her work on executive function skills and drove her to work closely with parents of children with disabilities, specifically children who may be inflexible, emotional, impulsive, and poor at planning and problem solving. It was also this experience that led her to write FLIPP the Switch:  Strengthen Executive Function Skills with Carol Burmeister, as well as FLIPP the Switch 2.0:  Mastering Executive Function Skills from School to Adult Life for Students with Autism, co-authored with Carol Burmeister and Dr. Rebecca Silva.

An engaging and entertaining presenter, Sheri is a popular speaker who has presented nationally on a variety of topics focused on improving academic and behavioral performance of struggling students. Sheri received her PHD from the University of California, Riverside in 2007. She has worked with indigenous community schools in Australia, coaching teachers and administrators in instructional and behavioral strategies and works with schools across the US to improve instruction and learning. Sheri is a skilled facilitator, coach, and mediator and provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services to parents and districts in California. Sheri is the mother of four children as well as a proud grandmother. She loves spending time with her grandchildren and walking on the beach, as well as enjoying time with extended family in France.

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Carol Burmeister, M.A.

Carol Burmeister, MA, has over 40 years of experience as a paraprofessional, general education teacher, special education teacher, program specialist, university instructor, and consultant in a wide variety of educational settings.  This has provided her with the opportunity to work with students with unique learning needs including those with cognitive, behavioral, communication, and autism spectrum disorders.  Carol has provided leadership in the coordination and presentation of numerous professional development activities in the area of autism and related disorders as well as having partnered with Dr. Sheri Wilkins, Dr. Rebecca Silva, and the University California, Riverside to develop and implement a certificate program for teachers in the education of students with autism.  She currently serves on the board of the Panhandle Autism Society.

Armed with the knowledge that evidence-based intervention practices for children with ASD are the basis on which effective programs are built, Carol served as a reviewer on both the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders’ and the National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practices’ updates on evidence-based practices.  For the past several years, her work has focused on the crucial topic of executive function (EF), helping students and parents as well as educational professionals understand the complexity of social, academic, and behavioral challenges that accompany EF deficits and practical tools that support EF across all environments.  Carol has presented at regional, national, and international conferences and has authored several articles on this topic.  In addition, she is co-author, with Dr. Sheri Wilkins, of the book, FLIPP the Switch:  Strengthen Executive Function Skills as well as FLIPP the Switch 2.0:  Mastering Executive Function Skills from School to Adult Life for Students with Autism, co-authored with Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Rebecca Silva.

Rebecca Silva, PHD

Dr. Rebecca’s devotion to children with special needs started when she volunteered in a classroom of young students with severe disabilities in college. She fell in love with this group of very special kids and has committed 40 years to the field of special education as a teacher, grant coordinator, university instructor, principal, and administrator. As the special education administrator in Riverside County California, she developed the Reach Autism Program, providing evidence-based interventions in classroom and in-home settings. Dr. Rebecca has presented on topics related to special education at state, national and international conferences. She has also written numerous grants, articles, manuals and curricula in the area of autism, assessment, self-determination, and transition.

Dr. Rebecca is committed to the disability community and has served on a number of organizations, most notable her 2-year tenure as Co-Chair of the California Senate Select Committee on Autism. She currently serves on the boards of the Autism Assessment Center Inland Empire, and the Autism Society Inland Empire. Dr. Rebecca is co-author, with Carol Burmeister and Dr. Sheri Wilkins, of the book, FLIPP the Switch 2.0:  Mastering Executive Function Skills from School to Adult Life for Students with Autism.